Kitty Diddy coin KIdI
A CAT COIN WITH A Mission beyond a 20 billion market cap
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Hey There! ​I’m Kitty ​Diddy!



Welcome to KItty diddy city

Home of the $KIDI coin

Home of the $KIDI coin

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$KIDI, the coin for those ​with dreams to soar, Turn ​small investments into ​wealth galore!

About $KIDI

Meet Kitty Diddy, the ​epitome of feline grace, ​His charm and charisma ​light up every space. ​$KIDI, the token, named ​in his honor divine, ​Unlocking treasures ​and dreams that shine. ​From jewelry to ​mansions, the finest in ​store, With $KIDI, ​elegance and luxury ​soar. Join Kitty Diddy's ​celestial swoon, Use ​$KIDI to help him reach ​the moon!

As A Baby
He Always Dreamed about going to the moon
As an adult He still aim to achieve that dream

When $KIDI hits the ​moon, your dreams ​will bloom, Mansions, ​cars, suits, and babes, ​all in your room.

Let’s Take $KIDI ​To $20 Billion

Market Cap And ​Beyond!

how to Take kidi To The Moon
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Step 1 get phantom walletand Purchase SOL
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Step 2 Go to the Buy now link to the sale page and connect Wallet where you have the sol
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Step 3 Put the amount of KIDI You want to buy and click place trade



Supply: 1 Billion ​$KIDI

Taxes: Buy 2%

Sell 5%

Goal: Reach Moon ​(Mayor Exchanges)

Be The Next $PEPE

Meme Takeover!

Will Burn Liquidity!

Mint & Freeze Will Be ​Revoked